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Author Name Arjunels Ducusin Event date October 15, 2014

Field Diagnostics (the makers of SA Mobile) has provided a few troubleshooting tips if you experience problems syncing data from SA Mobile:

  • Make sure software is up-to-date (must connect to internet to update). System and browser update checks are also recommended
  • Log out and log back into SA Mobile.
  • Refresh browser (close all open tabs and open SA Mobile in a new tab)
  • Be sure you are using Google Chrome (available for both Android and iOS devices)
  • Use the “Send Debug” information feature (on main menu, select “Test Tool” and then “Send”)

If you have tried all of these steps and are still experiencing issues, please contact Field Diagnostics’ technical support at (215) 558-5416 or support@fielddiagnostics.com.

Collecting and Entering Unit Sticker Numbers in SA Mobile

In addition, please make sure to collect and enter the 7-digit sticker number from the unit when filling out information on SA Mobile.

A correct sticker number, for example, is “1234567,” not “7815,” “PG&E QM 501 7757,” or “Pg&e qm5007869,” etc.


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About the Author

Arjunels Ducusin

Senior Project Associate for PG&E Programs at Build It Green.  Arjunels works to ensure quality and efficiency of the implementation of PG&E programs. He is passionate about supporting consumers, professionals, private companies, public agencies and protecting our environment.

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