Available Rebates

Get up to $480 in rebates for assessments and service to your AC system

Rebates are available only for work done by AC Quality Care participating contractors for the following services and qualifying product purchases:

AC Quality Care Rebate Measure Rebate Amount
  • Initial HVAC System Inventory and Assessment
    A comprehensive assessment to determine the health of your system and necessary maintenance, completed to national ACCA 4 standards . Prerequisite for all other measures.
  • Refrigerant Charge Adjustment
    Set the correct refrigerant charge level to your system to maximize its efficiency.
  • Efficient Fan Delay Rebate
    Install an efficient fan delay to capture cool air left in your system after the A/C has turned off.
  • High-Efficiency Blower Motor Retrofit  
    Replace your outdated motor with new technology for significantly improved efficiency and cost savings.
  • Comprehensive Kicker
    Eligible when Initial Assessment and two (2) Energy Savings Measures: Refrigerant Charge Adjustment, Efficient Fan Delay, or Blower Motor Retrofit are done.