Frequently Asked Questions


Smart Thermostats

1. What types of smart thermostats can be installed under the Program?

Only the ecobee3 lite smart thermostat is currently approved for the Program. Other thermostats may be added at a later time.

Contractor must replace a manual or programmable thermostat with an approved smart thermostat to qualify for an additional incentive. Replacing existing smart thermostat does not qualify.

2. Where can participating contractors purchase the ecobee3 lite?

Participating contractors who purchase 8 units at a time can receive them at a discounted price. Build It Green is working with ecobee to find an appropriate distribution hub, so that contractors can get orders quickly with free shipping. More information will be available in January.

3. What are the technical requirements for the additional incentives in 2019?

a. For the $100 additional incentive, participating contractors must install 2 energy efficiency measures and an approved smart thermostat. At least one energy efficiency measure has to be installed in 2019 by the same contractor.

b. For the $50 additional incentive, participating contractors must install 2 energy efficiency measures. At least one energy efficiency measure has to be installed in 2019 by the same contractor.

4. What are the application requirements to claim a rebate for installing a smart thermostat?

a. Contractors must provide a photo of the old thermostat. Photos can be collected via SA Mobile as part of the Homeowner Interview.

b. The customer invoice must include a disclaimer that includes, at minimum: “Customers are not eligible for other PG&E smart thermostat rebates.”

Contractor Participation

1. Why should I become a participating AC Quality Care service contractor?

The primary reason is supporting your business model, growth and profitability. A strong service business can generate a steady installation business by having satisfied customers that are with you throughout the lifecycle of their HVAC system.

2. Will it cost me anything to participate?

There are no direct costs. There may be costs associated with providing the information required, such as employee background checks. You may need to buy measurement tools if the ones you have do not meet the accuracy specifications. You and your employees will be attending training at the PG&E Energy Training Center in Stockton or at various locations within PG&E’s service territory.

3. Will I be required to go through special training?

Yes. Every contractor’s participating technicians accepted into the program must go through both classroom and hands-on training. Technical and program training will be given by Build It Green.

4. Will PG&E supply me with leads? How?

No. The program is delivered by you, the participating contractor. PG&E supports you with the program website and the program training.

5. How are rebate applications processed?

Your technician will provide the AC Quality Care rebate application to the customer and assist them in completing the application. The completed application is submitted to Build It Green for a quality assurance (QA) review. If all information is approved following the QA review, Build It Green submits the application to PG&E for processing and payment. This can typically take 6 to 8 weeks, dependent upon whether the application is held for further inspection. Customers have the option to receive the rebate directly or to have their rebate paid to the contractor. The choice is theirs to make; please refer to the rebate application for specific information if the customer chooses to have the rebate check paid to the contractor.