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Program Update Marketing Collateral

We now have marketing collateral available to compliment the June 2016 Program Update! As a reminder, the program changes will go into effect June 18th. You can now download and print the ACQC Rebate Application, the ACQC Door Hanger, and the ACQC Trifold.

Beginning June 17th, the new ACQC Rebate Application form will also be available under Find Resources.

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2016 Mid-Year ACQC Program Update

AC Quality Care Program updates have been announced for 2016! Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Build It Green are excited to see the success of the ACQC program and glad to see the program continue with the following updates:

PG&E is removing the comprehensive kicker and changing the rebate incentive for the replacement blower motor to $170 effective June 18, 2016. June 17, 2016 will be the last day to submit applications that claim the comprehensive kicker and the blower motor for the $300 incentive amount. Click here to view more important program changes and deadlines.


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Significant SA Mobile Update

Based on contractor feedback, Field Diagnostics (the developers of SA Mobile), has developed an updated version of SA Mobile with the goal of making the tool more streamlined while retaining ACCA 4 compliance and increasing functionality.

Starting May 4th, Field Diagnostics will begin rolling out this updated version of SA Mobile to all participating contractors in the AC Quality Care Rebate Program.

Key Highlights:

  • Streamlined ACCA 4 checklist
  • Ability to send a report to a customer’s email directly from the SA Mobile device
  • Ability to include photos of relevant inspection items
  • Expanded device support

Participating contractors are strongly encouraged to alert their technicians of the update and have each individual sign-out and sign back into SA Mobile after May 4th to download the update.

If you are experiencing any trouble due to the update, please contact Field Diagnostics’ technical support at (215) 558-5416 or

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#SpotTheError – Suction Line Setup

uninsulated wires leading into exterior wall

Note: “#SpotTheError” is Build It Green’s new series to help participating contractors follow industry best practices, avoid errors and failures, and create happier customers and higher performing homes.

Can you spot the error that caused this  ACQC job to require corrections? This is a suction line from a newly installed split-system condensing unit.

Answer: The suction line is uninsulated.

“ACCA Standard 4 requires that the entire line must be insulated to protect against temperature drops and condensation dripping off,” says Dan Dell’Osso, Build It Green’s Senior Project Manager for Quality Assurance and Control. “You want the refrigerant flowing freely all year long, and you want to protect the line from infiltration of particles and pollutants.” A properly insulated suction line ensures that the returning gas to the compressor does not pick up ambient heat and allows proper sub-cooling for the compressor motor windings.

On a side note, an electrician might also have a problem with that mc cable and exposed wire. See the photo below for the correct installation.
Bonus: The cigarette butt and water bottle trash is now gone! Way to go, Synergy Companies!

properly insulated wires leading into exterior wall


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2016 ACQC Program Update

The 2016 ACQC Program Updates have been announced! Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Build It Green are excited to see the AC Quality Care (ACQC) Rebate Program continue into 2016. Please note the following enhancements:

PG&E is removing the airflow incentive effective January 1, 2016. December 31, 2015 is the last date to install the airflow measure rebate. Airflow measures installed after this date will not be accepted for rebate processing. January 31, 2016 is the last day to submit applications that include the airflow measure rebate. Airflow applications submitted after this date will not be accepted. Continue reading

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ACQC August 2015 Newsletter

Collect Serial/Condenser Numbers

Program guidelines require participating contractors to enter all available HVAC unit information, including the condenser model and serial number, into SA Mobile when conducting an ACCA Standard 4 Assessment. If the data plate information is illegible due to weather exposure, enter as much information as possible.

Failure to collect and enter this information will result in an inspection failure and will require a return visit to the site to make necessary corrections. Thank you for your cooperation.

Polish Your Building Science Skills with PG&E MI-BEST Course
Sept. 21-25 | Stockton, or
Nov. 30-Dec. 4 | Stockton

To register, contact the Energy Training Center at (800) 244­-9912.

Brush up on your building science skills so you can offer your customers the technical know­-how they’re counting on. This hands-­on, five­-day series, offered by PG&E and taught by energy expert Gary Wollin, combines classroom and infield training to facilitate problem-­solving and prepare for real­-life scenarios.

Topics covered include:
  • Blower door testing
  • Duct leakage testing
  • Air flow
  • Fan watt efficacy
  • Duct design verification
  • Refrigerant charge verification


Please Collect Emails for Surveys

In an effort to improve the AC Quality Care Rebate Program, Build It Green will be sending surveys to customers who have participated in recent months. Customer input helps us improve customer loyalty, protect profitability, and recognize high performing contractors.

Our ability to collect feedback from customers relies on collecting email addresses ­ so don’t forget to ask customers for their email addresses. You can enter the addresses in the Job Portal when submitting applications for review.

Stay Safe: Securely Fasten Insulation

Safety alert: Insulation sucked into a blower motor may be catastrophic to your customer’s HVAC unit. Guard against this simple yet potentially dangerous issue by ensuring all insulation is securely fastened to the cover panel. If the insulation is not fastened to the cover panel, apply an adhesive to the cover panel, ensure the insulation is positioned correctly and secure before placing the cover panel on the unit.

Save the Date for ACI 2015: Discount Available Soon
Nov. 9-10 | Sacramento

Industry education, home performance, weatherization, and networking opportunities are all features of the 2015 ACI California Regional Home Performance Conference.

Register Today!

PG&E and Build It Green will be providing a registration discount code for participating contractors, so stay tuned for more information!

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Program Updates and Reminders

The AC Quality Care Rebate Program will be updating the airflow incentive to align with statewide offerings. Effective June 1, the Airflow Correction rebate will be offered at $350. Applications submitted to Build It Green with an installation date on or after June 1 will be processed under this new amount.
Technical Training: What You Need to Know
Participating contractors and their technicians must register in advance for training classes. In addition, contractors should arrive to the training on time. Contractors and technicians that do not register in advance for courses or arrive late may be turned away and asked to attend an upcoming training. A formal policy will be shared with ACQC Program participants in a follow up email.
Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
When advertising the ACQC Program, please keep in mind these guidelines, so you can market the Program to the fullest:
  • Use “Pacific Gas and Electric Company” upon first reference and “PG&E” thereafter.
  • PG&E’s logos may not be used without written consent from the company.
  • Providing factual and accurate statements regarding a contractor/company
    relationship with PG&E is permitted, provided there is no reference to PG&E “endorses” or “recommends” your products or services.
  • PG&E maintains a non-endorsement policy and therefore Participating Contractors are prohibited from making any such statements.
Find the complete Customer Collateral Guidelines in section 10.2 of the 2015 Contractor Handbook.

2015 ACQC Program Enhancements

We are excited to see the ACQC program move into another year.  The current 2013-14 program cycle has been extended through 2015, and the program is operating stronger than ever.  To continue streamlining and improving the program, starting January 1st, 2015, several enhancements to the AC Quality Care Rebate Program will be in effect, including:
New Incentives
PG&E is adding new incentives and updating others, available January 1st, 2015. The new rebate measures are not retroactive and only apply to rebate applications signed on or after January 1st, 2015.  The new PG&E AC Quality Care Rebate Program Application will be available in December.
Incentive   Amount as of January 1st, 2015


New! Airflow Correction


Blower Motor Replacement


Refrigerant Charge Adjustment


New! Efficient Fan Delay Control


QM Maintenance Agreement Completion of Assessment and one (1) Energy Savings Measure.


Comprehensive Kicker Quality Maintenance Agreement and completion of two (2) Energy Savings Measures.




*List of eligible fans will be available on the Find Resources section in December 2014.

Participating contractors will be required to use the new AC Quality Care Rebate application that reflects the new and updated measures and points for rebate applications signed on or after January 1, 2015. 2014 applications will not be accepted after January 1st.
Re-Introduction of Airflow Correction
We have always acknowledged the value of proper airflow and are excited to bring this measure back to the program.  Contractors who have eligible staff will be approved by BIG to claim rebates for this work.  Airflow correction must be performed by ACQC technicians who have completed the PG&E NGAT training course or BPI certified ACQC technicians who have completed the 1-day Advanced Technical Training.
Build It Green is available to answer questions about these changes by phone or email during business hours.
Customer Support

ACQC Participant Hotline: 510-306-ACQC

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SA Mobile Troubleshooting Tips

Field Diagnostics (the makers of SA Mobile) has provided a few troubleshooting tips if you experience problems syncing data from SA Mobile:

  • Make sure software is up-to-date (must connect to internet to update). System and browser update checks are also recommended
  • Log out and log back into SA Mobile.
  • Refresh browser (close all open tabs and open SA Mobile in a new tab)
  • Be sure you are using Google Chrome (available for both Android and iOS devices)
  • Use the “Send Debug” information feature (on main menu, select “Test Tool” and then “Send”)

If you have tried all of these steps and are still experiencing issues, please contact Field Diagnostics’ technical support at (215) 558-5416 or

Collecting and Entering Unit Sticker Numbers in SA Mobile

In addition, please make sure to collect and enter the 7-digit sticker number from the unit when filling out information on SA Mobile.

A correct sticker number, for example, is “1234567,” not “7815,” “PG&E QM 501 7757,” or “Pg&e qm5007869,” etc.


ACQC Program Enhancements

As you’ve probably heard, starting December 1st, several enhancements to the AC Quality Care Rebate Program will be in effect, including:
Expanded Customer Eligibility
All Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) customers in any climate zone who reside in a single-family home or duplex will be eligible for AC Quality Care. Remember that customers with propane gas-fueled appliances are eligible, too! All other restrictions still apply. Click here to learn more.
New Incentives Effective December 1st
With the removal of the Airflow Correction rebate measure, PG&E has added new incentives and increased others (see table below), available December 1st. The new measures are not retroactive and only apply to rebate applications signed on or after December 1st.
Find the new PG&E AC Quality Care Rebate Program Application here.
Incentive   Amount as of December 1


Blower Motor Replacement


Refrigerant Charge Adjustment


QM service agreement


New! Bonus Kicker(assessment is coupled with motor replacement OR Refrigerant Charge Adjustment)


New! Comprehensive Kicker(assessment and all measures are completed)




Refrigerant Locking Caps Required: Effective December 1st
Section 1106.3.1 of the 2010 California Medical Code (CMC) requires refrigerant service ports located outdoors and serving residential or non-residential HVAC systems to be fitted with locking-type tamper-resistant caps. When completing the refrigerant charge adjustment, technicians must replace the existing caps with refrigerant locking caps that meet IMC and IRC codes. Starting December 1st, jobs that are QC’d for refrigerant charge that do not have locking caps will be sent back for contractor correction.