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Program Update Marketing Collateral

We now have marketing collateral available to compliment the June 2016 Program Update! As a reminder, the program changes will go into effect June 18th. You can now download and print the ACQC Rebate Application, the ACQC Door Hanger, and the ACQC Trifold. Beginning June 17th, the new ACQC Rebate Application form will also be available under Find Resources.

2016 Mid-Year ACQC Program Update

AC Quality Care Program updates have been announced for 2016! Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Build It Green are excited to see the success of the ACQC program and glad to see the program continue with the following updates: PG&E is removing the comprehensive kicker and changing the rebate incentive for the replacement … Read more

Significant SA Mobile Update

Based on contractor feedback, Field Diagnostics (the developers of SA Mobile), has developed an updated version of SA Mobile with the goal of making the tool more streamlined while retaining ACCA 4 compliance and increasing functionality. Starting May 4th, Field Diagnostics will begin rolling out this updated version of SA Mobile to all participating contractors … Read more

#SpotTheError – Suction Line Setup

Note: “#SpotTheError” is Build It Green’s new series to help participating contractors follow industry best practices, avoid errors and failures, and create happier customers and higher performing homes. Can you spot the error that caused this  ACQC job to require corrections? This is a suction line from a newly installed split-system condensing unit.  . Answer: The … Read more

2016 ACQC Program Update

The 2016 ACQC Program Updates have been announced! Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Build It Green are excited to see the AC Quality Care (ACQC) Rebate Program continue into 2016. Please note the following enhancements: PG&E is removing the airflow incentive effective January 1, 2016. December 31, 2015 is the last date to install … Read more

ACQC August 2015 Newsletter

Collect Serial/Condenser Numbers Program guidelines require participating contractors to enter all available HVAC unit information, including the condenser model and serial number, into SA Mobile when conducting an ACCA Standard 4 Assessment. If the data plate information is illegible due to weather exposure, enter as much information as possible. Failure to collect and enter this information will result in … Read more

Program Updates and Reminders

The AC Quality Care Rebate Program will be updating the airflow incentive to align with statewide offerings. Effective June 1, the Airflow Correction rebate will be offered at $350. Applications submitted to Build It Green with an installation date on or after June 1 will be processed under this new amount. Technical Training: What You … Read more

SA Mobile Troubleshooting Tips

Field Diagnostics (the makers of SA Mobile) has provided a few troubleshooting tips if you experience problems syncing data from SA Mobile: Make sure software is up-to-date (must connect to internet to update). System and browser update checks are also recommended Log out and log back into SA Mobile. Refresh browser (close all open tabs … Read more

Updated Blower Motor List and Reminders

New Blower Motor Added To Program Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has added a new blower motor to the eligibility list of qualifying blower motors.  The blower motors listed are the only motors that qualify for the Replacement rebate measure. See the full list of approved blower motors here. Refrigerant System Adjustment: Important Updates Section 1106.3.1 of the 2010 … Read more