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Author Name Arjunels Ducusin Event date March 18, 2013


Using a cool mist humidifier is always recommended in a baby’s room, due to the nature of a warm mist humidifier being breeding grounds for bacteria. There’s many pros to using a humidifier in baby’s room because viruses and bacteria thrive in the cool, dry air which in turn is what causes infections and illnesses and infants and young children. Using a humidifier is also helpful to relieve dry, scratchy throat and skin, as well as dry nasal passages. There are numerous cool mist humidifiers to choose from this site:; however, the Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier 350 a great option for baby’s room for numerous reasons.


1) Germ free and anti-microbacterial
2) Covers 350 square feet
3) Uses replacement filters
4) Holds up to 1 gallons of water, 2 per day
5) Has a 10 hour run time before needing refilled
6) Quiet
7) Easy set up and fill up
8) Three speed settings
9) No white dust
10) Does not leave floor wet

Though all humidifiers have cons, these should never outweigh the pros, but they should be taken into consideration in regards to what is being looked for out of a unit, what is expected, and what would fit the household best.


1) Big and bulky
2) No auto shut-off or timer setting
3) Filters are expensive to replace
4) A bit pricey
5) Upkeep

With quiet operations, dishwasher safe parts, and up to a 99% ability to kill viruses, germs, mold, and fungus’ this humidifier is a top contender to go in baby’s room, it also beats out other humidifiers that are marketed towards young children such as: Crane and Safety 1st.

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Senior Project Associate for PG&E Programs at Build It Green.  Arjunels works to ensure quality and efficiency of the implementation of PG&E programs. He is passionate about supporting consumers, professionals, private companies, public agencies and protecting our environment.

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