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Author Name Arjunels Ducusin Event date March 19, 2013

illustration of nasal irrgationHow about living in a clutter-free atmosphere..! No hassles and lots of open space? Well, long time back in ancient Asian history, the living standards were simple enough and mostly in all the houses, they used to have floor bed. Considering the busy present life and monetary constraints now a days, this seems to be a viable option to opt something different and soothing. Now, mattress is an essential part of any of us since we need to get some good sleep to be ready for the day to day work- life and all. So, how about the fragrance of wooden floor and spacious home? Here comes the idea of clutter free simple living.


To start with, there are several types of mattresses available in market today more info here for each and every types of requirements. For our reference, I have mentioned the types of mattresses available in market today:

1.    Inner-Spring Mattress

2.    Hybrid Mattress

3.    Waterbed Mattress

4.    Foam Mattress

5.    Pillow-top Mattress

6.    Air-bed Mattress

Now, as we are discussing about a floor bed setup, so, a Foam Mattress seems to be an ideal option for us.


Let’s have a look into the details of Foam Mattress. The foam typically consists of:

1.    Polyurethane foam or viscoelastic foam (sometimes, called as Memory Foam; as it can closely keep the previous shape/bent) or latex foam or can contain Gel or some other similar kind of materials.

2.    As the foam can be created in different shapes and densities; so, the feel of the product, comfort levels and head-dissipation features vary on these points.

3.    These foam materials has a capability to absorb the body pressure. So, it gives a very soothing experience which gives a person a comfortable and deep sleep experience.

4.    The foam material can absorb the body heat as well. It makes the sleep pleasant.

5.    It minimizes the effort for extra movement; so, it is really great for older people as well. Because, they need to do lesser movement and awaking while sleeping.

6.    While sleeping with your partner, it causes minimal movements. So, its less annoying for the other person as well.

So, in floor bed, these are really good points to look out for a mattress.

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Senior Project Associate for PG&E Programs at Build It Green.  Arjunels works to ensure quality and efficiency of the implementation of PG&E programs. He is passionate about supporting consumers, professionals, private companies, public agencies and protecting our environment.

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