Author Name Arjunels Ducusin Event date January 31, 2014

As you’ve probably heard, starting December 1st, several enhancements to the AC Quality Care Rebate Program will be in effect, including:
Expanded Customer Eligibility
All Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) customers in any climate zone who reside in a single-family home or duplex will be eligible for AC Quality Care. Remember that customers with propane gas-fueled appliances are eligible, too! All other restrictions still apply. Click here to learn more.
New Incentives Effective December 1st
With the removal of the Airflow Correction rebate measure, PG&E has added new incentives and increased others (see table below), available December 1st. The new measures are not retroactive and only apply to rebate applications signed on or after December 1st.
Find the new PG&E AC Quality Care Rebate Program Application here.
Incentive   Amount as of December 1


Blower Motor Replacement


Refrigerant Charge Adjustment


QM service agreement


New! Bonus Kicker(assessment is coupled with motor replacement OR Refrigerant Charge Adjustment)


New! Comprehensive Kicker(assessment and all measures are completed)




Refrigerant Locking Caps Required: Effective December 1st
Section 1106.3.1 of the 2010 California Medical Code (CMC) requires refrigerant service ports located outdoors and serving residential or non-residential HVAC systems to be fitted with locking-type tamper-resistant caps. When completing the refrigerant charge adjustment, technicians must replace the existing caps with refrigerant locking caps that meet IMC and IRC codes. Starting December 1st, jobs that are QC’d for refrigerant charge that do not have locking caps will be sent back for contractor correction.
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Arjunels Ducusin

Senior Project Associate for PG&E Programs at Build It Green.  Arjunels works to ensure quality and efficiency of the implementation of PG&E programs. He is passionate about supporting consumers, professionals, private companies, public agencies and protecting our environment.

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