Significant SA Mobile Update

Based on contractor feedback, Field Diagnostics (the developers of SA Mobile), has developed an updated version of SA Mobile with the goal of making the tool more streamlined while retaining ACCA 4 compliance and increasing functionality.

Starting May 4th, Field Diagnostics will begin rolling out this updated version of SA Mobile to all participating contractors in the AC Quality Care Rebate Program.

Key Highlights:

  • Streamlined ACCA 4 checklist
  • Ability to send a report to a customer’s email directly from the SA Mobile device
  • Ability to include photos of relevant inspection items
  • Expanded device support

Participating contractors are strongly encouraged to alert their technicians of the update and have each individual sign-out and sign back into SA Mobile after May 4th to download the update.

If you are experiencing any trouble due to the update, please contact Field Diagnostics’ technical support at (215) 558-5416 or